vidaXL Case

What can we do to help you with your dropshipment strategy? Let us show you through our real business case.

We have successfully integrated vidaXL with our main dropshipment platforms. Project management involved collaboration between a diverse set of parties to optimize product and order management to support the dropshipping infrastructure.

  1. Exporting/syncing product portfolio to architecture optimized for dropshipment
  2. Building tailored dropshipment apps
  3. Guide the integration process and investigate platform APIs and possibilities/oppertunities
  4. Make sure that a wide range of platforms will be supported for vidaXL e.g. Magento 1&2 (Internationally), Lightspeed e-Com (Internationally) and CCV shop (Europe)
App for Lightspeed, Magento 1&2 and CCV shop


Supplier & Shop Owner their advantages

Our second goals is  to create advantages for our suppliers. In the case of vidaXL we focussed on instant app installations. Lightspeed offers a great market place to showcase their brand. Because Lightspeed does not require modules to be installed via uploading but just a -simple click- dropshippers can start really easy! Below are more benefits described for vidaXL.


Marketplace exposure and publication

We made sure that vidaXL is visible in major market places

Cross E-commerce platform support

Integration features

  • Easy installation of apps for vidaXL

After installing the app, you can directly start with linking vidaXL products by means of a simple graphical interface. You can link your own margins, complete categories, and  overwrite or rename product names and descriptions. The import platform subsequently does the rest for you.

Our solution synchronizes daily your selected products of your wholesaler. Unlike a one-time import, your products are always kept up-to-date. Through the practical graphic interface, you can put together your own product assortment yourself. Our connector offers a very flexible option for adding margins. Should you want to add descriptions or fields yourself, your unique description will be included. This way, you can make yourself your own unique product descriptions (or not). Stocks remain of course nicely synchronised. Within 5 to 10 minutes you have a full webshop.

  • Enjoy great connector support for your clients

All our apps come with excellent support and technical assistance. Because we continuously improve and expand the connectors, you are guaranteed that you will get the best quality.

  • Mapping categories on sub level, ideal for theme shops and SEO optimization

Select your own category structure instead of the standard categories of vidaXL. You link easily also to existing categories in your shop! You can manage all your links in a simple overview screen.

  • Overwrite descriptions or modify and enrich

Do you want to modify and enrich the text yourself? This can be done! You can choose to update texts yourself without the connector copying the texts. Improve the quality of products and web texts to have gain better SEO scores.

  • Simply define price margins on categories

Define price margins on categories and modify them in a easy and practical overview.

  • Exclude products without images

Do you get products without images from vidaXL? No problem: you can also optionally exclude them!

  • Set products on not active instead of removing them

Do you want to remove products or rather just turn them off when they disappear from the feed or the stock is depleted? It can all be done!

  • Automatic updates of stocks and prices

Does a stock or a price change? We daily synchronize the feed for you!

  • Automatic creation of product sizes for product variants

You do not have to program yourself. We also add the configurations and sizes for you. So you can sit back and relax.

  • Optional: Automatic order module with shipment status + Track & Trace.

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