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    We develop and sell groundbreaking e-commerce software to more than 20 countries world wide. We constantly work with a big amount of webshops and industry partners to deliver creative and innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the customer and the future.

    Mission: Magdeveloper’s mission is to provide a wide range of easy to use software products for the ecommerce sector to help SMBs or creative companies to grow their business.

    Vision: By creating outstanding technology, resources and investments in long term customer focused R&D and “know-how”” Magdeveloper is able to create innovative and successful software solutions for webshops.

    Fortune 500 companies like Ingram-Micro, Nedis, and many more are increasing their sales with Webshopimporter.

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    • Increase customer satisfaction by offering additional services
    • Improve sales performance, your dropshipper can be online within 24 hours.
    • We can offer 100% fit for your business demands.