Export to bol.com coming up

    We will soon support export to bol.com from Magento 1.9x and Magento 2.

    By Pieter van den Bosch

    Magento 2 Now supported

    We now support Magento 2 architecture to add product synchronisation. We have been working hard to not only support Magento 1.4x…

    By Pieter van den Bosch

    Van der Meer Diertotaal groothandel visit

    Today we've visited Van der Meer Diertotaal groothandel to talk about our services and our  upcoming e-commerce solutions to better support…

    By Pieter van den Bosch
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    We develop and sell groundbreaking e-commerce software to more than 20 countries world wide. We constantly work with a big amount of webshops and industry partners to deliver creative and innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the customer and the future.

    Mission: Magdeveloper’s mission is to provide a wide range of easy to use software products for the ecommerce sector to help SMBs or creative companies to grow their business.

    Vision: By creating outstanding technology, resources and investments in long term customer focused R&D and “know-how”” Magdeveloper is able to create innovative and successful software solutions for webshops.

    Fortune 500 companies like Ingram-Micro, Nedis, and many more are increasing their sales with Webshopimporter.

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