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We have updated our module that integrates the platform into Magento. You can now visit our integration dashboard from within Magento. Download updated module:…(Read More)

We now support Magento 2 architecture to add product synchronisation. We have been working hard to not only support Magento 1.4x – Magento 1.9.x but we finally support Magento 2. All suppliers have now the option to also go for Magento 2 support. Contact us to upgrade…(Read More)

Van der Meer Diertotaal groothandel visit Today we’ve visited Van der Meer Diertotaal groothandel to talk about our services and our ¬†upcoming e-commerce solutions to better support their business. Also we gave a presentation to the company CEO and Backoffice manager and showed our built VDM app…(Read More)

We have added our modules to Magento connect to find us easier! After a very hard review procedure we are finally through. Magento really has strict quality control and we have to go through several procedures. But we have finally our connector on the market place again…(Read More)