vidaXL Launched

    We have launched vidaXL for Lightspeed and Magento 1 & 2. You can find the connector here: Magento And Lightspeed  

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    CCV platform Launched

    We have expanded our Connectors to the CCV Shop Platform. Launched connectors are NEDIS and EDC.

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    Upcoming New Aspect for Lightspeed

    We will release New Aspect for Lightspeed in January 2018

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    Magento Backend module update 1.9.x

    We have updated our module that integrates the platform into Magento. You can now visit our integration dashboard from within…

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    Export to coming up

    We will soon support export to bol.comĀ from Magento 1.9x and Magento 2.

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    Magento 2 Now supported

    We now support Magento 2 architecture to add product synchronisation. We have been working hard to not only support Magento 1.4x…

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